Summer Buzz Winners!!

  • Beverly Borcoran (Bennion Crafts, Kaysville)
  • Debbie Durtschi (Bennion Crafts, Kaysville)
  • Noall Child (Bennion Crafts, Ogden)
  • Mindee Welchman (Bennion Crafts, Ogden)
  • Candace Layton (Brooks Fabrics)
  • Lisa Stephens (Brooks Fabrics)
  • Marie Ferre (Cotton Shop, Murray)
  • Karen Pierce (Cotton Shop, Murray)
  • Norene Petersen (Cotton Shop, Provo)
  • Julie Shelley (Cotton Shop, Provo)
  • Melynda VanOtten (Cotton Shop, Sandy)
  • Marie Sue Wong (Cotton Shop, Sandy)
  • Rana Williams (Floyd & Lizzie’s)
  • Kathleen Vander Linden (Floyd & Lizzie’s)
  • Karen Reese (Gracie Lou’s Quilt Shoppe)
  • Ginny Taylor (Gracie Lou’s Quilt Shoppe)
  • Kelli Peterson (Heartfelt Hobby & Craft)
  • Joanne N. Hansen (Heartfelt Hobby & Craft)
  • Kathy Anderson (Morganson Frames & Sew Forth)
  • Sherry Nielson (Morganson Frames & Sew Forth)
  • Sarah Capps (Sew N Save)
  • Nicki Krebs (Sew N Save)
  • Tiffany Bairn (The Sewing Basket)
  • Sharon Hopkins (The Sewing Basket)

Congratulations to the above winners!
You can pick up your $50 gift certificate from the store specified.

Thank you to all those who participated in our Summer Buzz. We can’t wait to see you during our fall shop hop.


2 thoughts on “Summer Buzz Winners!!

  1. How can we sign up to be a participating shop for your fall shop hop? do you have any contact information so that we can get in touch?
    Wimmer’s Sewing and Vacuum in Layton

    • Hi Courtney,

      We’d love to have you join us! You can come to our next annual association meeting Wednesday, February 21st at 7pm. We’ll meet at Heartfelt Hobby & Craft. This is when we talk about dues, upcoming shop hops, etc.

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