Winner! Winner!

The following people have PRIZES waiting… Please come visit the store specified to claim your goodies.


Grand Prize (Sewing Machine) Winners are:

Janet Jensen @ Heartfelt Hobby & Craft (690 Opal, MSRP $1599)
Marilyn Dahl @ Sew N Save (Quilt Ambition 2.0, MSRP $1399)
Shelda Bennett @ Bennion Crafts, Kaysville (Rachael, MSRP $799)
Carol Jaacobson @ Cotton Shop, Murray (Rachael, MSRP $799)
Cindy L Cook @ Floyd & Lizzie’s (Rachael, MSRP $799)
Shay Dee Lindsay @ Bennion Crafts, Ogden (100 Q Class, MSRP $499)

All Other Winners are:

Ally Bruckman @ Cotton Shop, Sandy
Amber Egbert @ Cotton Shop, Provo
April Mazzoleni @ Gracie Lou’s Quilt Shoppe
Ashey Conklin @ The Sewing Basket
Ashlee Bowen @ Gracie Lou’s Quilt Shoppe
Becky Vaughan @ Heartfelt Hobby & Craft
Bev Ostler @ Brooks Fabrics
Bonnie Sherman @ Sew N Save
Christa Lassig @ Cotton Shop, Sandy
Cindy Child @ Gracie Lou’s Quilt Shoppe
Connie Bean @ Heartfelt Hobby & Craft
Darlene Lynch @ Bennion Crafts, Kaysville
David Beene @ Floyd & Lizzie’s
Debbie Ward @ Morganson Frames & Sew Forth
Debra Braswell @ Sew N Save
Dianna Jolley @ Cotton Shop, Provo
Dixie Rogers @ Sew N Save
Donna Soria @ Bennion Crafts, Ogden
Donna Lowe @ Morganson Frames & Sew Forth
Edith Green @ Floyd & Lizzie’s
Eliose Evens @ Morganson Frames & Sew Forth
Erika Green @ Cotton Shop, Provo
Etheil Jebbe @ Floyd & Lizzie’s
Evelyn Bowen @ Cotton Shop, Murray
Fawn Morgan @ Bennion Crafts, Kaysville
Fern Falaschi @ The Sewing Basket
Francene Thomson @ Bennion Crafts, Kaysville
Heidi Madsen @ Cotton Shop, Sandy
Heidi Maylin @ Sew N Save
Ilean Smith @ The Sewing Basket
Jacki Frame @ Cotton Shop, Sandy
Jana Malovich @ Cotton Shop, Murray
Janiel Whitehouse @ The Sewing Basket
Janis Williams @ Floyd & Lizzie’s
Janna Robinson @ Bennion Crafts, Ogden
Jean Manookin @ Cotton Shop, Murray
Jean Cox @ Sew N Save
Jenett Green @ Gracie Lou’s Quilt Shoppe
Jessica Green @ Cotton Shop, Provo
Jill McClellan @ Morganson Frames & Sew Forth
Jo Stores @ Cotton Shop, Provo
Joann Nathen @ Brooks Fabrics
Jolene Muller @ Cotton Shop, Sandy
Joshlin Heinz @ Sew N Save
Joy Kling @ Morganson Frames & Sew Forth
Julie Quinlan @ Bennion Crafts, Ogden
Kareamy Finai @ Brooks Fabrics
Karen Schuring @ Floyd & Lizzie’s
Kathy Worwood @ Heartfelt Hobby & Craft
Kay Christensen @ Bennion Crafts, Kaysville
Kaylinne Reed @ Brooks Fabrics
Kelli Mangum @ Brooks Fabrics
Keri Doering @ Cotton Shop, Provo
Kristie Ripple @ Sew N Save
LaRue Brumble @ Heartfelt Hobby & Craft
Lauren Evans @ Heartfelt Hobby & Craft
Leslie Knaphus @ Cotton Shop, Murray
Linda Darcy @ Floyd & Lizzie’s
Linda Hutchinson @ Cotton Shop, Sandy
Lisbeth Larkin @ Bennion Crafts, Ogden
Lori Crockett @ Brooks Fabrics
Lori Penrod @ Heartfelt Hobby & Craft
Lynda Hiatt @ Cotton Shop, Sandy
Lynette Martinez @ Bennion Crafts, Kaysville
Lynette Marteinez @ Bennion Crafts, Kaysville
Lynette Bartholomew @ Cotton Shop, Provo
Lynne Beene @ Floyd & Lizzie’s
Lynsie Thomson @ Bennion Crafts, Kaysville
Marilyn Bearden @ Cotton Shop, Murray
Mary Cook @ Gracie Lou’s Quilt Shoppe
Maxine Christensen @ Bennion Crafts, Kaysville
Megan Egbert @ Cotton Shop, Provo
Merv Taylor @ Sew N Save
Michelle Hamptn @ Brooks Fabrics
Michelle Lindsay @ Bennion Crafts, Ogden
Nanette Steed @ Bennion Crafts, Ogden
Naomi Bennion @ Heartfelt Hobby & Craft
Peggy Kramer @ Cotton Shop, Murray
Peggy Hadfield @ Sew N Save
Rachael Bourell @ Floyd & Lizzie’s
Ramona Tomsik @ Morganson Frames & Sew Forth
Renee Goodman @ The Sewing Basket
Renee Sanders @ Cotton Shop, Murray
Ricki Carter @ The Sewing Basket
Robin Lully @ Brooks Fabrics
Sally Parker Willmore @ Gracie Lou’s Quilt Shoppe
Sarah Whitehouse @ The Sewing Basket
Sharron Play @ Bennion Crafts, Kaysville
Shauna Scholes @ Morganson Frames & Sew Forth
Shauna Hero @ Bennion Crafts, Ogden
Shirley Hansen @ Cotton Shop, Provo
Stephanie Martinez @ The Sewing Basket
Sue Petersen @ Gracie Lou’s Quilt Shoppe
Susan Samowitz @ Floyd & Lizzie’s
Sydney Brown @ Morganson Frames & Sew Forth
Tamara Gooch @ Sew N Save
Terri Goff @ The Sewing Basket
Tinka Eliason @ Cotton Shop, Provo
Tracy Rasmussen @ Bennion Crafts, Ogden
Twila Gutierrez @ Morganson Frames & Sew Forth
Twila Gutierrez @ Gracie Lou’s Quilt Shoppe
Vicki Jaterka @ Cotton Shop, Murray
Virginia Burgess @ Heartfelt Hobby & Craft
Wanell Christiansen @ Cotton Shop, Sandy


**One prize per person. If you win twice, please don’t be greedy.
The stores have the right to reissue any prizes that are not picked up by December 20th. So please don’t delay! 

Thank you to our Fabulous Vendors!!

We would like to thank all of our vendors who’ve supported us during our shop hop. These vendors donated patterns, fabric, notions, and so much more. We wouldn’t be able to provide our customers with so many wonderful gifts without them.

Please check them out: